Saturday Quotes: Gravity Waves, Time Travel, and Global Hypothesis Simulation

Saturday Quotes: Gravity Waves, Time Travel, and Global Hypothesis Simulation

Saturday Quotes: Gravity Waves, Time Travel, and Global Hypothesis Simulation

The two black holes will merge in the image of the simulation from the Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes collaboration. Credits: SXS Lensing / Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes Collaboration

This week, researchers have made it clear that life is not fair. Also, you will notice that in a great show of patience, I managed to write a paragraph about simulated universal hypotheses without having to refer to the “matrix” once. (Except for this reference.)

Unfair life

Oh! So a European research team has shown that coins are not really fair? Friend Life Not fair! Do you think the world owes you two approximate results that are formed by an arithmetic mathematical form? When I was young we did not even Have Coins! We need to roll the dice! Take 10 minutes to start a football match! Oh! So a coin is likely to land on the same face as its original position? Stop crying! It is only a meaningful bias if you spin the coin multiple times!

Hello travelers

Applying the recently discovered physical laws, physicists at the University of Portsmouth have contributed to the debate over whether the universe is a simulation. The simulated global hypothesis suggests that the universe is actually a simulation that runs on the bottom of a complex computer, and that we are all just NPCs walking through our circle of movement and saying, “Hello, Summoner! Convince me at On a warm bed! ” And “Do you visit Cloud County often?”

In his previous research, Dr. Melvin Vopson, an expert in information theory, suggested that information itself has a mass and that all primary particles store information about themselves. In 2022 he discovered a new law of physics based on the second law of thermodynamics, which says that entropy increases with time. This new law, which he called the second law of infodynamics, obtained that entropy in information systems did not increase over time. It remains constant or decreases. This can have a profound effect on information-based fields such as genetic research and evolution theory.

His new paper also offers an explanation for the prevalence of symmetry in the universe. He suggests that high symmetry corresponds to the entropy state of the lowest information and may include the universal tendency to find symmetry.

“This approach, in which excess information is extracted, is similar to the process of deleting or compressing computer waste code to save storage space and increase energy efficiency, and as a result support the idea that we are living in a simulation,” he said.

Waves of space time

Massive collisions in the universe cause such gravitational waves that they can be found on Earth, moving at the speed of light through space, which means they are throwing us on gravity like a boat in On a huge 4-dimensional depth, right? Yes, very weak per unit of size. It should not interfere with the work in your yard or anything.

The physics of black hole collisions is complex, and multidisciplinary physicists are using modern computers to model the entire process from the initial gravitational pull to the merger and its consequences. Among their findings is the remarkable confirmation that individual gravitational waves have Mutual influence; Previous models have suggested that gravitational waves do not interfere with each other, but more detailed analysis has shown that they interact to create a new type of turbulent wave. One of the benefits of the new modeling will be its ability to better interpret LIGO data as it records new collisions.

Disappointed wife

Traveling through time is not a possibility on a practical level, but researchers at the University of Cambridge are simulating the transmission of information back in time, taking advantage of relevance. However, instead of considering the most practical, they proposed a scenario that could best be described as the “quantum physics of shopping.”

Imagine you are a terrible husband and you do not know what gift your wife wants for your three-day anniversary. You have to order a gift today, but she did not send you her wish list until the second day. So you can never know what she wants in advance, because before you were a bad husband who did not pay attention to the wants and needs of your spouse.

Researchers have created a simulation where you can change your previous actions to ensure that the right gift arrives. At their request, an experimenter connected two particles. The first particle was sent for use in experiments. Upon obtaining the experimental results, the experimenter prepares the second particle to change the past state of the first particle, thus changing the experimental results.

OK, but here’s the interesting part: According to researchers, the efficiency of the process, but only 1 in 4 times. In an online shopping scenario, you can send 4 gifts to your spouse, but three of them are wrong. Lead author and author David Arvidsson-Shukur says, “We do not propose machines to travel in time, but to delve deeper into the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. These simulations do not allow you to go back and fix your past. “They let you make tomorrow better by solving yesterday’s problems today.”

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