Google Search’s latest AI trick turns your words into images

Google Search's latest AI trick turns your words into images


  • Google has launched a custom text-to-image tool for the Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature that allows users to create images based on text descriptions.
  • This tool is available for users who have opted into Google Search Labs and when browsing Google Images, providing multiple images in seconds.
  • To address the concern of misuse, Google has implemented security measures, including the addition of meta tags, watermarks, and protection of celebrity portraits.

The world of AI-powered art creations is seeing an exciting rise as tech giants enter the fray. While OpenAI DALL-E has taken over this space with its ability to transform simple text descriptions into stunning visuals, competition is on the rise. With Google and Microsoft announcing text tools to their own image, aspects of AI art creation will be ready for change. And now Google has made its offering public.

If you have previously participated in Google’s Search Labs program, you can now query its AI-powered search experience (SGE) to create images using text descriptions. All you have to do is describe any image you can dream of and SGE will create multiple versions for you in just a few seconds. If you want to edit the image well, just adjust your description and SGE will work its magic again.

This option is also available when browsing the Google Images results, you will see a box that prompts you to create an image based on your query if you do not find the photo you are looking for. The resulting image will be displayed in the right sidebar.

Google’s Imagen to Text Imaging feature is hot on OpenAI’s latest imaging tool, DALL-E 3. Microsoft, a huge fan of OpenAI, is already using DALL-E 3 for its Bing image maker. However, there are major concerns as AI graphics machines are becoming more common. For example, they can be used to spread fake information or steal people’s artwork, which can cause you legal problems (but who cares as long as Google has your back in case its AI accidentally infringes copyright)? ).

As a precaution, Google has put in place security measures to ensure that it is not used for the dissemination of false information or harmful content. The search giant will add metadata tags and watermarks to make it clear that the image was created by AI. Hema Budaraju, senior director of product management for Google Search, wrote in a blog post that to avoid deep fraud, you will not be able to create real images of celebrities.

Google is also launching a tool called “About This Image” to help people understand whether an image is legitimate. It will show you where the first image appeared on the Internet and where it was used. That said, this tool is not for everyone; Only US users 18 years of age or older can use it.

Another skill that has been added to SGE is the AI-powered draft generator. Now you can type instant messages in SGE like you can in Google Bard. No more jumping between windows – it’s all there in the search function. You can make the result as long or short as you want, and you can even change the tone of the writing to make it more serious or even set it back.

These new images and features are just the latest update. Google has recently launched a series of new tricks for SGE to do things like write AI-powered summaries and make source links more noticeable in addition to other capabilities.

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