Jordan launches right-wing campaign to push for victory as speaker

Jordan launches right-wing campaign to push for victory as speaker

Representative Jim Jordan and his allies have launched a right-wing anti-Republican campaign against his election as a speaker, working to vent the anger of local voters against any member of Congress who stands in the electoral system. His.

Even after right-wing Ohio Republican Jordan won his party’s nomination for office on Friday, he still lacked the 217 votes he needed to win the award, with many colleagues refusing to support him. He.

In an effort to close the gap, lawmakers and activists close to him took to social media and airwaves to blow up Republicans they believe are blocking his path to victory and encouraging voters to beat them. Support Jordan.

It is a great example of a struggle between Republicans over a republic that underscores the divisions that have caused There was chaos in the party, which slowed down the House of Representatives. Many Jordans supporters have posted the phone numbers of key GOP lawmakers, which they consider a holiday, encouraging followers to flood the Capitol with calls demanding their support for Jordan. Or face the wrath of conservative voters as they prepare for the primary.

Do you want to explain to your voters why you closed Jordan? Representative Anna Paulina Luna from the Republic of Florida wrote on X. Then bring it.

The strategy is reminiscent of the tactics that Jordan and his allies have used over the past decade to pull more GOPs to the right and borrow pages from former President Donald J. Trump, who backed Jordan.

It is also a method that has helped propel House GOP into its current leadership crisis. Republicans last year fielded several far-right parliamentary candidates who were popular with the grassroots but ultimately failed to win a general election in the constituency, leaving them with a thin majority in Congress. A new generation of hardliners can take advantage of this small rule by dropping a speaker and reducing the bidding of his heirs.

Jordans’ closeness with the former president has given him incomparable shortcomings with party bases, and his supporters are relying on that to help him win the upcoming elections. This Tuesday morning.

While Friday’s election was a secret ballot as of Saturday, right-wing activists appear to have identified about a dozen anti-Jordan ballots as the top targets for their offensive.

Amy Kremer, a political activist associated with the Tea Party movement and Trump, the first female leader for America to organize a 2021 anti-theft rally, posted a list of 12 members on Friday. She listed their office phone number and urged her followers to call them and tell them To help Jordan. The list includes representatives of Ann Wagner of Missouri, Mike Rogers of Alabama and Carlos Gimenez of Florida, all of whom publicly stated their opposition to Jordan.

Call him and tell him this is unacceptable, Kremer wrote about Representative Greg Murphy of North Carolina. He had to board a plane with Jordan and stop adding chaos.

Proponents of Jordans say his decision to send lawmakers to their district over the weekend rather than keeping them in Washington for a one-on-one meeting to drum support is an intentional move to increase Basic pressure on them to fall into the line. .

Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett said everyone would go home to listen to their voters and make a decision, predicting that listening from the party base would help block in Jordans’ direction. To be honest, no one is stronger than grass.

Despite being revered by protesters and branded a terrorist by the former Republican congressional speaker, Jordan has recently allied himself with his party leaders.

Ohio lawmakers have backed a debt-level deal that former Congressman Kevin McCarthy attacked with President Biden and did not join the far right to crush the floor to stop protests over the deal or their efforts to oust him. McCarthy out. He has already said he wants Congress to vote on vacation spending measures to keep the government open to the sins that have put McCarthy in office and managed to keep conservatives in his camp. .

But some Republicans are opposed to Jordan in principle. They differed with him on policy issues nowhere more than the continued funding of the war in Ukraine, a priority for many of them, which Jordan and the United States, his first allies, strongly opposed. Strong.

Many of them are also reluctant to reward what they see as bad behavior by giving right-wing lawmakers who forced McCarthy out of office and offset the current ruling crisis. They are satisfied.

Representative John Rutherford said, “I will not allow Matt Gaetz and seven others to win by putting their individuals as speakers. Representative John Rutherford refers to members of the Florida Republican Party who were forced to vote to remove McCarthy. Speakers and GOP MPs who voted with him.

That position made Rutherford aim at his back from the right.

@RepRutherfordFL will vote against Speaker-Designate Jim Jordan to deceive me, Gaetz wrote on X. I hope he gets some feedback from Floridians that this is selfish and bad for the country.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Republicans first nominated Louis Scalise of Louisiana over Jordan by a vote of 113 to 99 on Wednesday, but on Thursday night, with no clear way forward, Scalise withdrew. Jordan quickly sought consolidation of support.

Then on Friday, 81 Republicans backed the late registration of Georgia’s Austin Scott to vote against Jordan. Scott hurried to line up behind Jordan after his defeat. But on the second ballot, which simply asked whether GOP lawmakers would support the Ohio Republican Party if the nomination went to the floor, 55 still said no.

Some conservative strategists close to Jordan believe he will be able to easily defeat his otters, institutions that place high premiums on the running government and predict normalcy. Unlike hardliners, strategists have argued that counter-insurgency is not their nature.

The 60 members did not vote against Jordan on the floor, Russell T. Vought, president of the Center for American Continuity, a thinker with ties to Trump and a strategist close to Jordan, wrote on X. Take It goes to the floor and calls their bluff.

Luke Broadwater And Catie Edmondson The report contributed.

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