Jordan Faces Unexpected Expectations In Fighters Speak Out After Hurricane Week For House GOP | CNN Politics

Jordan Faces Unexpected Expectations In Fighters Speak Out After Hurricane Week For House GOP |  CNN Politics


After a series of defeats, Republicans ended the week without a run-off election, as deep divisions left the conference struggling to manage and Congress in a state of paralysis.

The turmoil in the House GOP rankings has escalated in recent days as the conference has tried and so far failed to find a successful successor to Kevin McCarthy following his sacking. Never before has it been in the hands of a conservative conservative group.

Representative Jim Jordan is the new GOP speaker recruiter after majority leader Steve Scalises leaves the race. But the Republican Party of Ohio faces the same dire election that led to the Scalises speaker bid, as Jordan lacks the 217 votes needed to win the general election.

Jordan has a weekend to pursue his case and try to cover it up, but he faces a tough fight.

The GOP conference faced criticism this week after Scalise won the first election to become a speaker candidate, but was dropped shortly after the results of strong opposition to his candidacy. This week ended with another vote to make Jordan a new candidate. But it was immediately clear that Jordan was also facing a solid wall.

The parliament is effectively stuck as long as there is no one to talk about. Foreigners in Ukraine and with the Israeli war against Hamas.

When asked by CNNs Manu Raju how the whole episode reflects the GOP, McCarthy said on Friday it was scary.

Republicans are increasingly tense that the conference could not unite a single candidate. Some are openly questioning whether anyone can reach 217 votes.

Majority Leader Steve Scalise speaks at the Capitol on October 12, 2023 in Washington, DC.

On Friday, Jordan won the speaker nomination against Georgia GOP representative Austin Scott, who made a stunning last-minute bid in a 124-to-81 vote, leaving him less than 217. .

Jordan then called a second election on Friday afternoon, asking members if they would support him on the floor. That vote, cast by secret ballot, was 152 to 55, highlighting the key challenges Jordan faces in his bid for the giveaway.

Jordanians or other Republican speaker candidates can only lose four GOP votes when the full House votes for the speaker if all members vote.

California Rep. Mike Garcia said Friday that Jordan and his team will have 48 hours to make a phone call to understand why people are not there and hope to get there before Monday. As he expressed confidence that Jordan could finally win.

Jordan is an influential figure on the national stage who may have contributed to the concerns for the moderate members of the conference, although hardline politicians such as MPs Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz hailed his nomination.

I think Kevin McCarthy was fired by Democrats and Republicans for making so many contradictory promises that he never intended to keep, Gaetz told CNNs Michael Smerconish on Saturday.

Jim Jordan puts us on the path to fiscal security, and he puts the Republicans back in the fight we need to win elections and push for our policy goals.

Jordan has faced significant House GOP investigations as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He has a long-standing reputation as a conservative rioter who helped establish the Hardline House Freedom Caucus.

As the GOP leadership crisis continues to linger, some Republicans have put forward the idea of ​​giving more power to North Carolina Patrick McHenry, who is serving as interim speaker, but the idea has not been tested. It is not clear how much support there will be. Have

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