Anxiety of the gym? Shy TikToks exercise may be the answer

Anxiety of the gym?  Shy TikToks exercise may be the answer

Hong Kong: The popular fitness trend on TikTok has found an audience of millions of women who are afraid to exercise in public gyms.

Many women admit to feeling frustrated when walking into a man-made gym full of equipment they may not know how to use. As a result, they may feel anxious and unconscious at the public gym.

This is where TikToks exercise shy girls come in, they help those who like to keep a low profile in the gym as well as those who like to exercise at their own home.

Health influencers like Brianna Joye Kohn often post #shygirlworkouts on TikTok, where she has 2.1 million followers, and Instagram, where she has 1.1 million followers.

She was inspired after coming across women who balk at going to the gym; Either because they lack knowledge of how to move like lunges or squats or they worry that others will judge them.

For Indian housewife Akriti Bhatia in Delhi, India, the shy girl’s workout has become a game changer. The 35-year-old woman, who lost 15 kilograms last year after her first pregnancy, says she was boosted after her blood pressure and blood sugar and triglyceride levels came out of the shock. Childbirth.

I was desperate to get well because of my baby and family. “However, going to the gym is not an option because I have a physical problem and I have Feeling scared of beautiful exercise equipment.

Ms. Bhatia hires a personal trainer and starts working at home every day for 90 minutes with basic exercise equipment. She combined her fitness regimen with conscious eating and lost 15.5 kg.

Experts say that exercise is a real problem that causes obstacles for those who want to exercise but are abandoned from going to the gym unfamiliar.

Fitness coach Abhijeet Sahoo trains eight women in the privacy of their own home in the northern Indian city of Noida. Says women face double hardships.

Social pressure forces women to strive for perfect figure [and] Sahoo says the pressure is mounting in a male-dominated gym environment such as a gym where the focus is on The human body.

Women suffering from physical problems feel uncomfortable facing inequalities in these formal gyms.

Sahoo says shy girls’ workouts are aimed at beginners or those who are anxious to get to the gym. Easy-to-use exercises help women overcome their constraints while empowering them to feel more confident about exercising in the gym in the future.

Habits can be done using a single body weight, making them perfect to practice at home. He explains that all you need is a corner, a yoga mat and maybe a pair of dumbbells.

Sahoos clients who want to remain anonymous share how she feels awkward exercising with the many people around her.

I feel burdened by this fear that others are judging me. Adding to my inconvenience is a modern gym equipment that I do not know how to use. The weight section is scary, especially for me, who is as noisy as a man with torn muscles.

Discomfort in the gym can affect people with physical problems. A Finnish study published in 2019 in the journal Fat Studies found that overweight people experienced harassment and ridicule while exercising. Many of the women in the study also reported that they felt judged and even sexually aroused when they tried to use weights in their gym.

Fitness coaches provide more practical tips for the shy. At the beginning, avoid peak exercise hours. This way you will not have to wait to use the tool and will have more time to learn how to use it properly.

Sahoo says try to do your workouts during less traffic than machines. You will move around the gym more easily and most machines will allow you to train and relax. It is also less stressful which is good because your focus should be on health and not on nerves.

Many clients also find it more comfortable to work in small training studios where personal and private sessions with trainers are easily scheduled.

Another key to overcoming stress in the gym is exercising with friends. Ms Sahoo suggests finding friends or relatives with similar goals to join the gym with you.

More importantly, remember that no matter how handsome or strong or intimidating people are in the gym, they also start somewhere that is probably similar to where you are now. So endure and you will get there too eventually. SCMP

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