The Dopest Vehicles I Discovered For Sale On-line


Image for article titled Fiat 500 Jolly, Nissan Figaro, Shortened Geo Metro: The Dopest Cars I Found For Sale Online

Picture: Fb Market

You probably did it! You made it by means of this yr, until it killed you. I imply, presumably, it didn’t kill you, since you’re studying this. Until it killed your previous life, and it is a new you, reincarnated and nonetheless studying Jalopnik, through which case — get off Jalopnik, toddler. Go watch Child Einsteins or one thing.

For these of you that did survive the yr, nonetheless, there are rewards available. Particularly, rewards within the type of buckwild automobiles, since you’ve made it by means of a complete yr of banality — you need to get bizarre with it in the previous couple of days. Welcome, buddies, to 2023’s ultimate installment of Dopest Vehicles.


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