In Pictures: NASA’s Juno Flies Simply 930 Miles Above Volcanoes On Jupiter’s Violent Moon

In Photos: NASA’s Juno Flies Just 930 Miles Above Volcanoes On Jupiter’s Violent Moon


Jupiter’s fiery moon Io seems a violent and chaotic place within the best-ever pictures ever taken by a NASA spacecraft of the tortured world. Within the wake of the primary picture, NASA has now launched 5 extra that collectively are one of the best for 22 years of the small moon.

Io is essentially the most volcanic world within the photo voltaic system, with eruptions orders of magnitude larger than something related on Earth.

Juno carried out its closest cross but of Io on December 30, reaching inside 930 miles (1,500 kilometers) of the moon’s pockmarked floor.

Io is so volcanic, primarily due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter, which causes the moon to be tugged a technique and one other throughout its orbit. The added gravitational results of Jupiter’s three different large moons, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, worsen this frictional tidal heating.

The moon’s turbulent 42-day orbit of Jupiter produces immense warmth, which scientists assume creates an ocean of magma beneath its rocky floor.

One among its most vital outcomes is Loki Patera, Io’s most intensive volcanic melancholy and most energetic hotspot, which comprises a lake or sea of lava.

Juno’s mission since 2016 has performed shut flybys of three of Jupiter’s large Galilean moons—Europa, Ganymede, and Io. The fourth, Callisto, shall be visited on flybys 21 instances by the European Area Company’s JUpiter ICy moons Explorer between July 2031 and December 2034.

JUICE will even fly by Europa and Ganymede, finally settling into an orbit of the latter moon. NASA’s Europa Clipper additionally excursions Jupiter’s moons from 2030, specializing in Europa. Nevertheless, Io just isn’t on the roster of any future house mission.

A number of missions to Io have been thought of by NASA for its Discovery Program up to now, most just lately in 2021 when the Io Volcano Observer (IVO) misplaced out to 2 missions to Venus, DAVINCI+ and VERITAS.

Juno orbits Jupiter each 38 days; throughout 2024, it would make 11 perijoves (shut passes of Jupiter’s clouds). The subsequent, its 58th, will happen on February 3, involving a second and ultimate shut flyby of Io of an equally shut 930 miles.

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