Greatest Sunscreens for Darkish Pores and skin for 2023


If melanin protects you from the solar, then why do individuals with darkish pores and skin want sunscreen in any respect? Dr. Ife Rodney, a board-certified dermatologist and proprietor of Everlasting Dermatology in Maryland, broke down the science of melanin to clarify why individuals of coloration aren’t proof against sun-related pores and skin points. 

Melanin is the “pores and skin’s protection mechanism in opposition to the solar’s harsh ultraviolet rays,” Rodney says. “When the pores and skin is uncovered to extended daylight, melanocytes situated within the dermis enhance melanin manufacturing. Nevertheless, melanin manufacturing can take a while. In case you’re within the solar for too lengthy, you may get sunburns and solar injury earlier than the melanin can totally defend your pores and skin.” 

She added, “We really all have the identical quantity of melanocytes, however melanin manufacturing is quicker in darker pores and skin tones. That nevertheless, doesn’t absolve us fully. POC can nonetheless develop sunburns, hyperpigmentation and even pores and skin cancers.”

The truth is, individuals with darkish pores and skin may even face increased charges of dying from pores and skin most cancers, since “detection could also be too late,” in accordance with Rodney. “These causes are sufficient to make sure that all pores and skin colours and kinds use sunscreen as usually as doable.” 


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