Ditch the Microwave and Discover Higher Strategies to Reheat Your Leftover Meals


dependable microwave is not with out goal: softening butter, defrosting a slice of frozen bread that is destined for the toaster or rapidly reheating tea that is gone chilly. However in my kitchen, the makes use of are few and much between. Earlier than I get too excessive on my horse, let me make it clear that I am keen on shortcuts. Look no additional than the stack of meal equipment containers folded neatly in my recycling bin for proof. However kitchen effectivity cannot come on the expense of style and texture.

The microwave earned its place as a kitchen staple largely on speed-heating and cooking, however the outcomes — usually chewy, overdone or inconsistently heated — go away a lot to be desired. There are higher methods to reheat virtually any sort of meals and most of them take the identical quantity of effort and time because the microwave. 

When you like your wings crispy, your meat tender and your noodles with bounce, think about sparing your subsequent ready meal or plate of final night time’s dinner from being nuked to demise and take a look at these superior methods to reheat each sort of leftovers. 

For extra on microwaves, we came upon why pasta sauce at all times explodes within the microwave and outlined the 5 issues it is best to by no means put inside one.

Microwaves are unhealthy at reheating most meals. There, I mentioned it

The microwave is the equipment mostly employed to reheat leftovers, however I might additionally contend that it is the worst. Apart from meals like soup, plain rice or mashed potatoes, something that comes out of the microwave is sort of actually going to have a level of rubberiness that it did not have when it went in.

microwaves in a pile

Transfer away from the microwave and towards higher leftovers.

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“But it surely’s a lot quicker!” you say. Is it although? Many of the strategies outlined under take lower than two or three minutes. Plus, microwaves are vulnerable to messy explosions. If it’s a must to clear your microwave after reheating meals, it is undoubtedly not a time-saver. 

The air fryer cooks virtually as quick as a microwave and, for my part, significantly better. Including an air fryer to your kitchen might really feel like an upfront price, however these budget-friendly superconvection ovens are the most effective, first step in the direction of higher leftovers. Plus, they will lower your expenses in your vitality invoice over time

Meals sort: Noodles, pasta and rice dishes

Greatest methodology: Nonstick skillet

This wide-ranging class of basic takeout cuisines contains Italian pasta dishes, Indian curries with rice, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean noodles and Chinese language stir-fries. Actually we’re speaking about any dish that includes a starch similar to rice or noodles with diced greens, meat or plant-based protein and a sauce. The one factor all of them have in widespread is that they are greatest reheated in a nonstick skillet or wok. 

stir fry in skillet stir fry in skillet

A fast spin in a nonstick skillet is one of the simplest ways to reheat pasta, noodles and rice dishes. 

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Whilst you can in all probability get away with nuking easy fried rice, a microwave tends to overcook pasta and noodles and can seemingly flip your rooster, shrimp or sliced beef into rubber. As a substitute, simply throw the entire thing in a nonstick skillet on medium warmth. Toss intermittently and in a couple of minutes, you may have one thing practically nearly as good as when it first confirmed up at your desk or door the night time earlier than. And nonstick pans usually take all of 15 seconds to rinse clear. 

For rice dishes, think about a stainless-steel, carbon-steel or cast-iron skillet to get crispy rice.

Meals sort: Pizza and flatbread

Greatest methodology: Air fryer

There are a handful of causes I like my air fryer, however none extra notable than for reheating leftovers. Microwaves completely destroy pizza, so let’s cross that one off. Even toaster ovens take far too lengthy, in my expertise, and find yourself drying the pizza out by the point it is heated by way of.

cold pizza slice cold pizza slice

Why so unhappy, chilly pizza?

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The short blast of an air fryer’s superconvection will reheat your pizza to crispy perfection in about two minutes at 400 levels F, relying on how massive and thick it’s. You’ll want to use the basket or grate or else the new, flat backside of the air fryer basket might burn the underside of your slice. 

I personally will not warmth leftover pizza another means, and I recommend you do not both. And if you did not have sufficient causes to spring for one, air fryers use means much less vitality than an enormous oven.

reheated pizza in front of air fryer reheated pizza in front of air fryer

Two minutes within the air fryer. Now that is extra prefer it.

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Meals sort: Fried rooster, french fries and different fried meals

Greatest methodology: Air fryer

Leftover fried meals have traditionally been probably the most tough to convey again to life. Enter the air fryer, which may revive fried rooster, fried dumplings, mozzarella sticks and even french fries like nothing else within the kitchen. Just like pizza, it will take just a few minutes to warmth by way of and it is best to have a crispy outer shell similar to when the fried meals was initially cooked. 

For thicker items of rooster, use a decrease temperature round 325 to 350 levels F for 3 minutes or so to make sure you do not burn the surface earlier than the middle has time to heat by way of.

french fries on plate french fries on plate

When you thought it was not possible to revive leftover fried meals similar to rooster and crinkle fries, suppose once more.

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Aspect word: Past reheating fried rooster, a great air fryer additionally makes scrumptious “fried” rooster and different meals with far much less oil than conventional strategies.

Meals sort: Steak, pork chops, burgers and grilled rooster

Greatest methodology: Forged-iron skillet

Cuts of meat, together with steak and pork chops, are one other meals that may be powerful to resuscitate. Worry not, as a result of there’s a means. Whereas reheating grilled steak or fish in an air fryer or oven is not not possible, you are more likely to dry the meat out. As a substitute, I recommend re-searing it rapidly in a lined scorching cast-iron skillet for no a couple of minute on either side. The recent floor of the skillet ought to give life again to the crust. Protecting it lined will assist heat it by way of earlier than the pan warmth has time to overcook it. For delicate fish, you may need to use a nonstick skillet to maintain the flesh from sticking or falling aside.

pork chop in cast iron pan pork chop in cast iron pan

Usually, the way in which meals was cooked can be one of the simplest ways to reheat it. For steaks, pork and burgers, you’ll want to cowl the skillet so the meat heats by way of quicker.

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Truthful warning: All these reheated meals won’t ever be fairly nearly as good as if you first pulled them from the grill, pan or plancha, however this methodology ought to go away them extra than edible. 

Meals sort: Braised, roasted or slow-cooked meat

Greatest methodology: Coated skillet with cooking liquid broth

Braised dishes similar to rooster in wine sauce or quick ribs needs to be reheated in a means that mimics how they had been cooked. Simply warmth them gently for a couple of minutes in a lined nonstick or chrome steel pan with an oz or two of water or rooster inventory. The recent liquid will heat and revive the braised or slow-roasted meat, giving it again its juicy tenderness. 

braised beef in skillet braised beef in skillet

A lined skillet with a splash of rooster inventory is one of the simplest ways to reheat leftover braised meals.

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