How ‘Priscilla’ reexamines an iconic love story


The romance between Priscilla and Elvis Presley was not all fireworks, or not less than that’s the dramatic story Sofia Coppola paints in “Priscilla,” the place the director tunes into the psyche of the younger lady who married the enduring singer. “Sofia was searching for one thing intimate,” cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd says concerning the movie that sees Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi play the well-known couple who first meet in Germany when Priscilla was 14. The usage of coloration conveys the interval places, with Europe being forged in muted grays whereas their time in America bursts in a kaleidoscope of pastels. Le Sourd sought to convey Priscilla’s emotional state by subjective framing to attach the viewers to her emotions. “Sofia knew what she wished with ‘Priscilla.’ She would think about Cailee, and if you happen to look, a number of occasions, you received’t see a reverse [shot] on Jacob. She was not in any respect. She wished to stick with Priscilla,” he says. Heightening the standpoint, Le Sourd would body “nearer to Cailee and wider on Jacob,” pulling the viewers in together with her as a substitute of him. “One other choice was to border Jacob from the again. It’s a minor choice however a powerful choice concerning the movie. It’s extra about her than him.”


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