Fat Bear Week Winner Wins Tide: ‘Annual Celebration’ of Success

Fat Bear Week Winner Wins Tide: 'Annual Celebration' of Success

The 128 bears, known as the “Grazer”, were crowned winners of Fat Bear Week 2023 on October 10, after receiving nearly five times more votes than the winner, Bear 32. Known as “Chunk”.

The National Park Service website says “Fat Bear Week” is an “annual celebration of success.”

It was first made in 2014.

“For fat bears is equivalent to survival” because bears do not eat or drink during winter hibernation, the organization said.

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Hibernating bears can lose up to a third of their body weight, the National Park Service said.

It also notes that “survival depends on eating a year’s worth of food for six months.”

A big brown bear

Grazer, the winner of Fat Bear Week 2023, is seen here in a photo taken on September 14, 2023. (F. Jimenez / National Park Service via AP)

Fat Bear Week puts the brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai & Preserve National Park in a competitive style.

The public can vote daily for the winner of the round, and the winning bear is crowned “Fat Bear Tuesday.”

This year, the last two bears, Grazer and Chunk, with Grazer receiving 108,321 votes to Chunk’s 23,134.

“Bears in particular protection” Grazer raised two cubs.

“Grazer is a large adult woman with a long straight mouth and clear copper ears,” said the National Park Service website.

It noted that Grazer “is often one of the fattest bears to use the Brooks River.”

ALASKAS FAT Bear Week is heading to the PUDgiest Bear Bear Crown ahead of winter hibernation

The National Park Service said Grazer was “one of the best fishermen on the Brooks River.” It “can chase salmon escapes in many parts of the river or patiently pick up dead salmon and “It dies after it lays eggs.”

The service also said “special protection bears” Grazer raised two kittens.

Fat Bear Week

Fat Bear Week takes place at Katmai & Preserve National Park from October 4th to October 10th. This year, a woman named Grazer (pictured) was declared the winner. (Felicia Jimenez)

“She often confronts and attacks larger bears, even large and prominent adult males, to ensure their young are safe,” they said.

The National Park Service explained that although she was single in 2023, she “maintained a high level of control” that Grazer’s behavior “provided more benefits than protecting her children”.

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“For example, a large adult male, 151 Walker, avoided approaching her,” the service said.

In honor of Chunk, there is also a “profile” for Fat Bear Week.

Fat Bear Week puts the brown bears of Katmai & Preserve National Park in a “competition” before their hibernation season. (iStock)

“Chunk is a big adult man with narrow eyes, prominent eyebrows and a scar on his mouth,” the National Park Service said.

“Even the most single, Chunk has a lot of reserve fat, especially on his back,” the organization added.

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“Mystery” Chunk Play with other bears or wait to pick up the remaining salmon.

“Often he was unwilling or unable to compete with some of the other big men on the Brooks River,” the National Park Service said.

A big brown bear

Bear 480, also known as “Otis”, is a four-time Fat Bear Week champion. This year, they are eliminated in the first round of the competition. (Washington Post / Getty Images)

However, that changed during the summer of 2023.

“Chunk used his size and confidence to his advantage,” the service said, noting that even last year’s Fat Bear Week winner “delayed his fishing and salmon’s catch.”

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“Because of his size and strength, Chunk gains confidence and the ability to take advantage of opportunities not available to other bears,” the National Park Service said.

“But it is only by observing his full-blown attitude that we can get a feel for him,” the team said. The truth of his personality.

“His low belly and wide back office have borne the fruits of his summer success.”

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