Derek of MPMD Says Tom Platz ‘Changed His Story’ on Steroids: “I Just Can’t Believe You” – Fitness Volt

Derek of MPMD Says Tom Platz 'Changed His Story' on Steroids: "I Just Can't Believe You" - Fitness Volt

Aerobics has seen seismic changes from one era to another throughout the year of competition. With that, diet, supplementation and training all evolved. In a recent YouTube discussion with Dr. Peter Attia, Derek of MPMD (More Plates More Dates) assessed those changes and measured the differences in steroid protocols from the 1970s to modern times.

While often blown under the carpet, performance-enhancing drugs have remained a quiet part of the sport for decades. Different times require different fitness, like the golden age legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who boasted of beauty with rich muscles.

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Physiotherapists such as Schwarzenegger and Tom Platz have been open about the use of steroids. Both men insisted they had taken the least amount of medicine, with “The Austrian Oak” crediting the two cycles as his seven-time Olympia-winning ticket. However, according to Derek MPMD, these 1970s bodybuilders are cheating.

Derek MPMD on Bodybuilding Protocol, 1970: “They do not tell the truth in my opinion”

First, Derek was asked about the most notable changes to the body today compared to the 1970s.

“Maybe the medication at the top almost follows, I would say nutrition, maybe and then train at the bottom,” said Derek MPMD. “Many of these things can not live without others, so you can certainly be heavier and better said, if you take anything, the medicine will not do anything.

I want to say in order of importance if you have done the perfect diet, the perfect training with all the modern knowledge that we now have your ceiling for muscle growth potential can be as much as 50-100 pounds lower. Nature depends on height. On the genetic response.

Derek MPMD maintains that most bodybuilders of the 1970s did not tell the truth about their steroid use.

“Yes, they do not tell the truth in my opinion. Most of them. [70s bodybuilders] No. “When you say you are taking HRT Dianabol, women across the border, that is what it is prescribed or wasting muscle in old age or whatever.”

“Those doses are almost impossible to wrap your head around, creating results that they sound like you might still be almost natural at that point. I also bought the idea, ‘Oh, they all seem to have a consistent story, like filming Primo for a week. And one to two Dianabol or whatever you have. ‘ And it is not a result that you see as reproducible as it used to be in doses, ”Derek MPMD shared.

In addition, Derek believes that the benefits of PEDs can sometimes outweigh the potential risks.

“If you compete with a guy at the highest level and have the highest stakes, you see a guy like Arnold get roles and things, it’s like the top achievement of a bodybuilder at that time, you can not socialize. “There is nothing you can do. You will try to pretend that he is doing something or something of nature.”

“To think that you will not increase your dose by more than one to two Dianabol and Primo sprays or whatever you have or Nandrolone show because you do not want to hurt yourself, it is like shutting up.

Like Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz presented two cycles of Winstrol and nandrolone, emphasizing that he took “Very minimal.” However, Derek MPMD did not buy his change story:

“Oh, he changed his story. With the words that his original breakthrough was still conservative, but he made a public presentation about his drug use in the 80s, 90s, he … you can tell he was politely reserved even at At that time, he handled the situation deliciously. You can say he is choosing his words carefully when he speaks.

But recently he came out and said his dose was about a third of that number or something, it’s okay, maybe in 40 years I do not expect you to remember what you used. No, but say your maximum level is one-third of what it is, I do not know if I really do not believe you.

When assessing the most significant changes since the 1970s, Derek pointed out “Occurrence of growth hormone and insulin abuse.”

“Yes, and there seems to be an increase in growth hormone and insulin abuse, as well as an increase in medication to greater levels and availability. Well, they are easily prescribed, but people seem to have pushed the limits further and there is the emergence of underground laboratory setups.

Derek of MPMD is not the only prominent fitness voice who has problems with the use and abuse of insulin. Retired Pro Gymnast Evan Centopani recently revealed his personal insulin use. And while he honors the substance for helping him gain muscle fast, he likes to stay away from it for the most part.

The cycle has certainly changed from when Schwarzenegger and Platz were on stage, but Derek MPMD wants to keep the conversation honest because of the impact these bodybuilders have on the younger generation.

Watch the full video from the Peter Attia MD YouTube Channel below:

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